Monday, September 14, 2015

District Court Refuses to Protect Transgender Student's Rights

Gavin Grimm has been fight with his school in Gloucester County, Virginia, for the past year to be able to use the boy's restroom.   Gavin had previously been allowed to use the boys' bathroom, but when religious and other concerned groups discovered this, they came out in heavy opposition and the school board then banned his use of the boy's restroom. 

In January, he filed an administrative complaint with the Office for Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Education, arguing that his exclusion from the boy's bathroom violated Title IX.   This summer he filed a complaint in federal  district court.  Just as school was to start this fall, the U.S. District Court denied his request for an injunction.  Interestingly, it gave no rationale for the denial.  It literally only said the court "hereby denies" and that "A memorandum opinion detailing the reasons for the denial will be forthcoming shortly." 

Gavin is represented by ACLU attorneys, who say the will opinion the decision to the 4th Circuit. More here.

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