Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Call for Papers on Educational Equality and Access in K-12 and Higher Education

The Stanford Law & Policy Review is currently accepting submissions for their upcoming symposium titled “Education Policy: Equality and Progress.”  The Stanford Law & Policy Review is a widely-cited academic journal at Stanford Law School that explores current issues at the nexus of law and public policy. 

In our Spring 2016 volume, we will explore the future of education law for policymakers, judges, lawyers, academics, and the general public.  Articles will likely address current challenges and opportunities to improve education in the United States.  Articles may explore access to education, the student-loan bubble, and the cost of higher education. They may also discuss the tools policymakers are using at present to address these issues, such as data-driven performance evaluations for schools, charter schools, school vouchers, or renegotiating the relationships between states and teachers’ unions.  Other articles may raise larger questions about the role of the federal government and/or states in education. These are simply a few of the questions that inspire this symposium, and we welcome a variety of submissions that engage in this timely and momentous debate.

Articles should be between 5,000 and 20,000 words, not including notes and citations.  The deadline for submitting an article proposal for pre-approval is July 31, 2015; it is only necessary to submit an article for pre-approval if you expect the article to be completed after October 2, 2015. Completed articles may be submitted until September 3, 2015. 

To submit an article for consideration, please email your manuscript along with any cover letter, abstract, or author CV to Lead Symposium Editor Jason Despain at jdespain@stanford.edu

For more information about Stanford Law & Policy Review, please see slpr.stanford.edu.


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