Tuesday, March 3, 2015

With Constitutional Litigation and Strikes Loomings, LAUSD Negotiations with Teachers Hit Impasse

Los Angeles Unified School District, the nation's second largest school district, is the epicenter of the nation's fight over teacher tenure, with plaintiffs arguing that tenure rights that prevent schools from removing ineffective teachers violate students' constitutional right to education. (More here). In this context, it is no surprise that labor negotiations between the district and its teachers are unusually tense.  Last week the teachers' union indicated they had reached an impasse with the state. The next step would be mediation, which could be followed by a strike if deal is not reached.

Teachers are requesting  an 8.5% salary increase and the district is offering 5%.  The district is claiming a lack of funds to meet teachers' request, and teachers are emphasizing that their pay has been frozen and even decreased over the past 8 years, even for those teachers who would have otherwise received bumps based on experience or education credits. Thus, a sizable increase is only reasonable, they argue.  The union is also requesting new hires and smaller class size.


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