Thursday, August 28, 2014

L.A. School District Will No Longer Issue Citations for Minor Offenses

New LAUSD guidelines for minor offenses

Derek posted yesterday about a case that shows how school-related juvenile charges can derail a student's education. The Los Angeles Unified School District announced last week that it is taking steps to alleviate some of those consequences by decriminalizing school discipline. Cribbed from the L.A. Times: L.A. school police will no longer issue citations for minor offenses such as campus fights, petty thefts, and tobacco possession and will instead use alternatives to arrest. The district says that the move is a recognition that zero tolerance polices are not making schools safer but are instead pushing out struggling students who then may drop out and get in more serious trouble. L.A. Unified developed the graphic to the left to guide schools towards internal discipline and when to call the police. Click the graphic to see the full chart and read the L.A. Times story here.

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