Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Education advocacy group may challenge Philadelphia school district budget cuts

Guest blogger Danielle Holley-Walker recently discussed the troubled Philadelphia school district in Education Law Prof (School Closings, Charter School Growth, and the Debate over Their Connection, June 18, 2013). Yesterday, the Education Law Center advocacy group announced that it may sue to challenge funding disparities in Philadelphia’s school district. Executive director Rhonda Brownstein told NBC10 Philadelphia that the center is waiting to see how much of Pennsylvania’s $11.7 billion education budget will be allocated to relieve Philadelphia’s budget shortfalls. Brownstein acknowledged that suing would be difficult because of state supreme court precedent that defers to the legislature on education funding issues. Law professor Bruce Ledewitz (Duquesne) said that prior precedent could make an education funding lawsuit “dead on arrival” unless a court accepts a theory that the budget cuts will effectively shutdown the district. Read more at NBC10 Philadelphia.


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