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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

"4 years since George Floyd's death, the Minneapolis police force has made some changes"

From NPR, via NACDL's news update. In part:

Minneapolis has totally revamped its public safety structure. They hired a commissioner for the first time. A new chief came in. Just recently, they also announced plans to create a new early intervention system. So they say they'll use data to track police officers who seem to be in trouble or on a troubled path and intervene before something tragic happens.

And another high point has been the expansion of the city's behavioral crisis response teams. So people in Minneapolis can now call 911 in nonviolent situations, and unarmed mental health responders are going to show up to help. So Minneapolis appears to be investing in the sort of public safety efforts that do not require armed police, which is what a lot of folks were calling for way back in 2020.

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