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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Chase on Incarcerated Litigants' Access to Justice

Ashley Krenelka Chase (Stetson University - College of Law) has posted Let’s All Be . . . Georgia? Expanding Access to Justice for Incarcerated Litigants by Rewriting the Rules for Writing the Law (South Carolina Law Review, Vol. 74, Forthcoming) on SSRN. Here is the abstract:
In 2020, the United States Supreme Court paved the way for a statutory publishing scheme that would enhance access to primary (and some secondary) legal information – they highlighted Georgia’s statutory publishing process as a way to pull some secondary material into the public domain under the government edicts doctrine. To be clear, the Supreme Court set out to more clearly define the classification of government edicts under Copyright law and not to set forth a new publishing scheme for legal materials, but the result was a glimpse into how federal and state governments could approach the publication of legal information, so information can be consistently and equitably made available to incarcerated litigants in either a print or electronic format, thereby expanding access to the Courts.

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