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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Bhanu on Domestic Violence in India

Arvind P. Bhanu (Amity Law School, Delhi) has posted Expanding Contours of Abusive Relationships in the Eyes of Law (Amity Law Review Vol. 17, 2022) on SSRN. Here is the abstract:

Women have been accorded equal status to males under the Constitution, yet equality with their male counterparts remains a distant dream. Post-independence, several laws were enacted to meet international obligations toward the betterment of women, but they were largely ineffective due to irrational provisions and poor implementation. Women are vulnerable internally as well as externally in our society. Internal violence or domestic violence is the most heinous kind of crime against women because the perpetrators are those who have been entrusted with the custody of women, and the location of the occurrence is where a woman is supposed to feel safe and protected. It must however be noted that abuse committed within the private walls is not merely limited to the relationship of marriage and also extends to other relationships in the nature of marriage as well as other unions. In this paper, the authors attempt to analyse the laws in India which protect women from sexual and domestic violence in relationships in order to measure their efficacy. Moreover, the laws must change in order to meet the changing demands of the society. With the courts according to legal recognition to other forms of relationships such as live-in-relationships, this paper attempts to analyse the protection accorded to women from abuse within the walls of such relationships.

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