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Monday, October 18, 2021

"Soros-Funded DAs Presiding Over a Bloodbath"

From Crime & Consequences. In part:

All of the progressive candidates ran on the same narrative;  longer sentences for repeat felons is racist, the police are racists, and less policing and shorter sentences will help rehabilitate offenders and make communities safer.   Every part of the narrative is a lie,  and the proof is playing out every day on the streets of their cities.

In Larry Krasner’s Philadelphia over 2,240 people were shot last year, the most ever recorded and 499 died, a 40% increase from 2019.  Officials claimed that the pandemic was a major factor but that doesn’t explain why homicides have increased by 14% so far this year.  What’s racist is who’s getting shot.  80% of the shooting victims are black.

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