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Friday, September 17, 2021

Steele on Alibi Defenses

Lisa Steele has posted Investigating and Presenting an Alibi Defense on SSRN. Here is the abstact:

The New Jersey Supreme Court has said that “few defenses have greater potential for creating reasonable doubt as to a defendant's guilt in the minds of the [jurors than an alibi].” But is alibi a powerful defense, or a risky gambit with a high likelihood of backfiring?

In two-thirds of exoneration cases, the innocent defendant offered an alibi defense at trial which was rejected by the fact-finder. This article talks about alibi defenses from psychological research into the defendant's autobiographical memory and investigator tactics in the interrogation room, to alibi witnesses' memory and susceptibility to post-event information, to expected cross-examination and other courtroom issues.

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Bad link. It goes to a different article by Lisa.

Posted by: Donald G Rehkopf, Jr. | Sep 18, 2021 1:58:42 PM

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