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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Sanyal on Terrorism and Its Dynamics

Shubhra Sanyal has posted Understanding Terrorism and Its Dynamics - A Holistic Approach (Agni Studies on International Strategic Issues The Journal of FSSS VOL. XXIII, No. I JANUARY 2020 MARCH 2020) on SSRN. Here is the abstract:

To win the war against terrorism societies must first know what they are fighting. Since terrorism depends to a great extent on publicity, the media has a crucial role in either facilitating or obstructing the spread of terrorism. International terrorism must not be perceived as sporadic phenomena born of social misery and frustration. It is rooted in the political ambition and designs of expansionist’s status and the groups that serve them, without which international terrorism would be impossible.

Many accept terrorism and political violence as the same, since it is directed against the basic values of democratic, and fundamental strategic interest.
Terrorists attempt to spread chaos and disorder, to paralyze a society. The aim of any civilized nation is to respond to the terrorist threat within the rule of law lest they themselves become unwitting accomplices in the terrorists scheme to undermine a civilized society.

It is clearly understood that terrorism is not random, undirected or purposeless violence. Terrorists have definite goals, and terrorist violence is a means of attaining that goal. As a democratic state we must deny the means as well as these goals. Terrorists may range from the lone individual who plants a homemade bomb in a shopping centre, to the small clandestine group that kidnaps and assassinates public figures, to the well equipped and well financed organizations that attempt to terrorise the entire population. The cause may be a separatist’s call,or revenge for ethnic grievances or social and political revolution. The battle against Terrorism must begin at home, yet there has to be a concerted effort of all free nations to tackle the problem. Greater international co-operation offers many advantages. It enables in the sharing of intelligence, understanding the method of detecting the movements of the terrorists, and bring them to justice. State-sponsored terrorism should also be discouraged by various means to coerce stopping their support to terrorists. The democracies in the world are based on the rule of law. When innocents are victimized and the guilty remains unpunished, the terrorists have succeeded in undermining the very foundations of a civilized society. What is required by democracies is a recognition that terrorism against any one of them is ultimately directed against all of them. Terrorists and their backers are enemies of democracy. If terrorism succeeds in one state, it inevitably means further spread of terror in the world. Therefore, a global battle summoning the will by all the nations can help in tackling the problem.

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