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Monday, September 9, 2019

"UK court allows police use of facial recognition technology"

From Jurist. In part:

The central issue in this case was the South Wales Police’s (SWP) trial use of facial recognition technology, specifically a project known as AFR Locate. AFR Locate works by taking digital images of the faces of members of the public, processing them “to extract facial biometric information” and then comparing them with “facial biometric information of persons on a watchlist.” If a match is made, “the two images are reviewed by an AFR operator … to establish whether he believes that a match has in fact been made.” If the match is also made by the AFR operator (who is also a police officer), other police officers are then informed and may choose to intervene. However, if no match is made, then the images and facial biometrics that were processed are deleted automatically.

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