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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

"Privacy Is Not Your Responsibility"

This opinion piece by Charlie Warzel is in The New York Times:

Privacy invasion is the subject of an excellent article last week from The Times’s newsroom about an app from the University of Alabama that’s “using location-tracking technology from students’ phones” at football games “to see who skips out and who stays.” Basically: Alabama’s football team routinely obliterates weak competitors at home games; students leave the stadium early to go drink; the school wants them to stay. So they built an app that issues rewards points for staying, which, in turn, gives users access to better tickets for the big games at the end of the year.

. . .

It may seem as if there are no real losers here, but as Adam Schwartz, a lawyer for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, said in the article, the app sets a bad precedent by offering an incentive for students to give up their privacy. “A public university is a teacher, telling students what is proper in a democratic society,” he argued.

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