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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Cohen & Graver on Predictive Policing

I. Glenn Cohen and Harry Graver (Harvard Law School and Harvard University, Law School, Students) have posted A Doctor’s Touch: What Big Data in Health Care Can Teach Us About Predictive Policing (Policing and Artificial Intelligence (John L.M. McDaniel and Ken G. Pease eds., Routledge, 2020 Forthcoming)) on SSRN. Here is the abstract:
We take two professions — police officers and doctors — and place their experiences with big data in dialogue. Policing and medicine, while naturally different in some obvious respects, actually both need to grapple with a lot of the same moral, social, and legal questions that come with adopting big data programs. This because, as we discuss below, both professions generally possess a monopoly over an acute societal vulnerability, be it safety or health, and have accordingly developed a set of settled internal norms to shape individual discretion in service of each respective function.

We place the professions side-by-side and try to distill certain insights from the perspective of three key stakeholders — practitioners, policymakers, and the polity.

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