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Monday, October 15, 2018

"Options scarce to deter habitual petty criminals, law enforcement officials say"

Kent Scheidegger has this post at Crime & Consequences, excerpting a newspaper article decrying the effects of recent changes in California law. From the excerpt, in part:

The police said it went like this. A man, 43-year-old William Emis, walked into the Liquor Bank convenience store last month in downtown Chico, allegedly grabbed a $2 beer and, while he was walking out of the store, told the clerk to call the cops on him because he wasn't paying for the booze.

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During the encounter, Emis was incredulous that police would take the time to transport him to the county jail in Oroville. Emis, police said, believed, not without reason, that he would be cited and released on the spot because his alleged theft was a misdemeanor offense.

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