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Monday, March 12, 2018

Sieberer et al. on Europe and Criminal Justice

Ulrich Sieberer et al. have posted Europe in Crisis: Crime, Criminal Justice, and the Way Forward. Essays in Honour of Nestor Courakis. Vol. Ii. Athens, Ant. N. Sakkoulas, 2017 (Vol. Ii. Athens, Ant. N. Sakkoulas, 2017) on SSRN. Here is the abstract:

Editors’ acknowledgments: Having finally reached our Ithaca, an honorary volume comprising a plethora of remarkable contributions, we wish to acknowledge everyone who made this journey enjoyable and worthwhile. First and foremost, we would like to thank all the contributors who went above and beyond with a view to submitting insightful and contemporary papers of high academic quality and integrity. We respected the writing and reference style of each contributor to the utmost, bearing in mind the unique style of each author and not wishing to stylize our volume. We hold that consistency of legal scholarship indeed prevails through this thought‐provoking diversity. Hence, we endorsed such scholarship through opting to catalogue the studies thematically, rather than alphabetically. We also wish to thank our publisher, Ant. N. Sakkoulas, who made this publication possible and who accommodated our every request. Last but not least, we thank Professor Nestor Courakis for his unceasing efforts and commitment to excellence that inspired us to achieve his expectations. We took the important decision to have this volume published, primarily, in electronic format. The benefits of such a decision are patent and significant: the volume is published over a brief period of time, especially given the wealth of entries; it is free to be accessed and downloaded, allowing any Scholar to peruse, consult, and reference it; and it curtails the environmental impact of printing and distributing such a large tome across the globe. On a final note, a common, cardinal principle, shared by all of us with Professor Courakis, inter alia, is that of continuously striving to promote meaningful academic partnerships, that is, ones imbued with idea crosspollination. Therefore, any questions, comments, or suggestions to each and every one of us, are eagerly welcomed.

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