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Monday, February 5, 2018

van der Woude et al. on Crimmigration in Europe

Maartje van der WoudeVanessa Barker and Joanne van der Leun (Leiden Law School - Institute for Criminal Law & Criminology, Stockholm University and Leiden University - Leiden Law School) have posted Crimmigration in Europe (Introduction) (European Journal of Criminology 14(1): 3-6) on SSRN. Here is the abstract:
In this special issue, we take up the concept of crimmigration more concretely and examine its applicability, relevance and limitations for understanding the European context and individual European countries. Contributors examine the importance of national social and political contexts while analysing more general trends and issues in immigration and crime. By bringing together quantitative and qualitative empirical and theoretical contributions from a variety of European countries, in this special issue we want to focus on the question of whether the process of crimmigration is as visible on the European continent as it is in the United States and, if so, to what extent it has distinctive characteristics, drivers and outcomes.

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