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Thursday, December 7, 2017

"Study: CA Sentencing Reductions Not Increasing Crime"

Michael Rushford has this post at Crime & Consequences, criticizing the study. In part:

The key to the study's findings is it's lumping of violent and property crime together into the category called "overall crime."  By doing this, the increasing violent crime in California is offset by the decrease in property crime.  Why has there been a decrease in property crime?   Because the crimes committed most frequently, theft and fraud felonies of under $950, were transformed into misdemeanors in 2014 by Proposition 47.  Misdemeanors are low-priority crimes for police and are less frequently reported to police by victims.  If somebody steals a $400 bicycle from a garage, police don't even show up and victims are left to report the theft online.  As a result fewer property crimes are reported and this drags down the rate of "overall crime."  Nice trick, if your trying to pass off a lie.  When the focus is on violent crimes in California, state and federal data indicate dramatic increases.

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