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Friday, July 29, 2016

"6 More State Workers Charged in Flint Water Crisis"

From The New York Times:

The officials charged include Liane Shekter Smith, who led the state environmental agency’s Drinking Water and Municipal Assistance unit until she was fired in February. Prosecutors told Judge Nathaniel C. Perry III of Genesee County that said she withheld information about the severe health risks of using the water after the lead contamination had begun and failed to protect the residents of Flint.

The other Department of Environmental Quality employees charged were Adam Rosenthal and Patrick Cook, water regulators who prosecutors said doctored reports about Flint’s water quality. Mr. Rosenthal was also charged with tampering with evidence related to the levels of lead in Flint’s water.

Also charged were Nancy Peeler, the Early Childhood Health Section manager in the state Health and Human Services Department; Robert Scott, a data analyst for the department, and Corinne Miller, a state epidemiologist. Prosecutors said the three were made aware of a spike in the number of Flint children with elevated lead levels in their blood but concealed the results.

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