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Thursday, September 3, 2015

"Justice Dept. to Require Warrants for Some Cellphone Tracking"

From The New York Times:

The Justice Department will regularly require federal agents to seek warrants before using secretive equipment that can locate and track cellphones, the agency announced Thursday, the first regulations on an increasingly controversial technology.

. . .

The device, commonly called a cell-site simulator or StingRay, tricks cellphones into connecting with it by acting like a cell tower, allowing the authorities to determine the location of a tracked phone. In doing so, however, the equipment also connects with all other phones in the area, allowing investigators to collect information on people not suspected of any crime.

The device is also capable of capturing calls, text messages, emails and other data. Until Thursday’s regulations, the rules for the use of that information and the duration it could be kept had not been detailed and varied across the department’s offices and agencies.

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Glad to see we're finally working on how cell phone searches stand in our legal system. Thanks for sharing this update!

Posted by: Jordan | Sep 4, 2015 8:26:06 AM

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