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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Murder off Italian coast charged in Orange County

From The Los Angeles Times:

Theirs was a messy marriage that ended in divorce. Five years later, their rocky relationship rekindled, the Orange County couple flew to Europe for a romantic cruise.

But on the morning of May 26, 2006, Lonnie Kocontes reported his ex-wife Micki Kanesaki missing to ship authorities. Her body was found a day later in the sea off the Italian coast.

. . .

The fact that a crime committed half a world away is being tried in a U.S. court "isn't a common thing," said Senior Deputy Dist. Atty. Susan Price.

"The crime commenced in California and culminated" on the ship, Price said. "Researching the cruise in California, buying the ticket in California, having them sent to you in California ... driving to the airport. Those represent intent and are preparatory acts" that give prosecutors jurisdiction in the case.

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