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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"Brady Violation Leads to Arrest of Former Texas Prosecutor"

Lawrence Goldman has this post at White Collar Crime Prof. In part:

A Texas judge, acting as a court of inquiry, under Texas law, after a hearing ordered the arrest of a current Texas state court judge, Ken Anderson, for contempt and withholding evidence from the court and defense attorneys when Anderson was a District Attorney prosecuting Michael Morton, who was recently demonstrated to be actually innocent for the murder of his wife for which he served 25 years of a life sentence.  See here.  

. . .

For denying to the trial judge that there was exculpatory evidence and for failing to provide a full copy of a police report demanded by the judge, Anderson was charged with tampering with evidence, tampering with a government document, and contempt.  The most serious charge, evidence tampering, carries a maximum prison term of ten years, far short of the 25 years Morton served.

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Mr. Goldman, due to this historic event & the ungodly amount of Texans' claiming to have been falsely arrested and subsequently wrongfully prosecuted by ADAs allowed to go rogue by their bosses and judges refusing to stop it, while their CDL's either: sleep, weren't qualified, or advised them to plea bargain simply for being on probation at time of arrest on a new unrelated charge - "Guilty or Not", the VOTS (Victims' Of The System) (Texas's to be exact) have been preparing for a statewide celebration to be held in every single county (254) upon hearing the court of inquiry findings. The celebration will: honor the Good, shame the Bad & hopefully discourage those wishing to be bad, to reconsider.

The decision to do the right thing vs. it just being an old school in house motto of the so called - "Holmes Stable" of the awful 80's has restored a little faith in the criminal justice system. Not the entire system but rather the rarely heard of or never heard of Court of Inquiry. If you listen real well you'll hear the celebration all the way from the WCCP. The rooftop parties will conclude at the same time with a yell in unison - "Andy, Don't Drop the Soap". I wrote a song with the same title that has been translated in to multi-race versions': soft rock, heavy metal, country, hip-hop, rap, Espanola & gerbil. I'm working on T-shirts, bumper-stickers & about 25 other items. The next hearing of the Court of Inquiry will be of an even rogue(r) ADA of the Holmes Stable.

Posted by: Thomas R. Griffith | May 16, 2013 9:00:15 AM

25 years behind bars for a murder you didn't commit, I can only imagine how Mr. Anderson sat at his seat with a clear conscience for so many years.

Posted by: Dwane Cates Law | May 16, 2013 5:47:49 PM

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