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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Featured Download: Seidman on Hyper-Incarceration

Seidman louis michael Louis Michael Seidman  (Georgetown University Law Center) turns his considerable skills toward the biggest problem in criminal justice in his recent draft, Hyper-Incarceration and Strategies of Disruption: Is There a Way Out? Here is the abstract:

This paper explores exit strategies from our policy of hyper-incarceration. On the theory that the underlying causes of the policy are firmly entrenched, it focuses instead on disrupting the political micro-processes that make the policy seem acceptable. Part One describes these micro-processes. Parts Two through Four outline three forms of politics that might disrupt them: a politics of amelioration, a politics of transformation, and a politics of accommodation. Part V assesses the available choices for what is to be done.

Well worth reading!


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