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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

CrimProf's Junior Scholar Paper "Competition"

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After extensive negotiations with my dean, I am glad to announce that CrimProf is holding a “competition” for junior scholars with a paper in the areas of criminal law or criminal procedure. The “winner” will be transported, at our expense, to the University of San Diego at a mutually agreeable time during the spring semester to deliver the paper to our faculty. We will also webcast the audio and video of the presentation live for full-time academics (we’re pretty sure we can handle at least 100 live viewers), who will have the opportunity to ask questions during the presentation. For those who cannot participate live, we will place a podcast of the presentation on our website.

I put “competition” in quotation marks because, while we will seek to present a very good paper, we will not feel obligated to select the “best” paper, even if we can agree on what it is, if we believe a different paper might have more appeal for the criminal law and procedure professoriate. In addition, we will not be reviewing the papers blind to the author’s identity.

In this week after Bruce Springsteen’s 60th birthday, I am tempted to say that a “junior” scholar is anyone under the age of 55. Instead, we will track the definition used by the Criminal Justice Section in its paper competition: submissions will be accepted from full-time law faculty who have held full-time appointments for ten years or less. Papers cannot have been accepted for publication at the time of submission. Submissions are due by October 31.

If you have a paper to submit, or would like to nominate the paper of another, please let us know at Ideally, the initial submission would include an abstract and a link to a place we can find the full paper, but if necessary, you can attach the entire paper to your email.

Every time I stand in line at airport security, I become more convinced that remote participation in conferences is an option that must increasingly be made available. This “competition” is one way for us to start down that path and to measure its attractiveness. It is also a chance to showcase some of the excellent scholarship in our fields.


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