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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Top-Ten Recent SSRN Downloads in Criminal Law and Procedure Journals

Ssrn logo are here.  The usual disclaimers apply.

Rank Downloads Paper Title
1 205 Unwitting Sanctions: Understanding Anti-Bribery Legislation as Economic Sanctions against Emerging Markets
Andrew Brady Spalding,
University of Mumbai (Bombay),
2 144 Minds, Brains, and Norms
Michael S. Pardo, Dennis Patterson,
University of Alabama School of Law, European University Institute,
3 134 Culture, Cognition, and Consent: Who Perceives What, and Why, in 'Acquaintance Rape' Cases
Dan M. Kahan,
Yale University - Law School,
4 113 The Prosecutor as Regulatory Agency
Rachel E. Barkow,
New York University - School of Law,
5 84 Post-Racial Racism: Crime Control and Racial Stratification in the Age of Obama
Ian F. Haney-Lopez,
UC Berkeley School of Law, [8th last week]
6 83 The Unexceptionalism of Evolving Standards
Corinna Lain,
University of Richmond - School of Law,
7 81 Neoliberal Penality: A Brief Genealogy
Bernard E. Harcourt,
University of Chicago - Law School,
Date posted to database: July 1, 2009
Last Revised: July 10, 2009
8 79 Breaking the Law to Enforce it: Undercover Police Participation in Crime
Elizabeth E. Joh,
U.C. Davis School of Law, [new to top-ten list]
9 70 The Truth about Physician Participation in Lethal Injection Executions
Ty Alper,
Death Penalty Clinic [new to top-ten list]
10 69

Struck by Lightning: Walker v. Georgia and Louisiana's Proportionality Review of Death Sentences
Robert J. Smith, Bidish Sarma, [new to top-ten list]

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