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Friday, January 9, 2009

Controversy surrounds DNA evidence in Yogurt Shop Murders

New DNA evidence and the possible addition of two pro bono defense attorneys added controversy to the Yogurt Shop Murders pretrial Wednesday.

Four young women were found murdered at a North Austin I Can't Believe its Yogurt shop in 1991.

But 17 years later, the suspects accused of killing Amy Ayers, Eliza Thomas and Jennifer and Sarah Harbison are still fighting their convictions.

Michael Scott and Robert Springsteen were back in court Wednesday as controversy swirls around some DNA evidence found on the victims.

More DNA results are giving the defense more argument that their clients are innocent.

"We have the wrong people, there are killers out still," Springsteen's attorney Alexandra Gauthier said.

An early report has found more DNA from three of the four female victims in the case.

The DNA found inside the girls is shown to come from multiple male sources, and none of them match defendants Springsteen and Scott.

"What we need to be doing now is looking for the owners of the DNA we found, of the profiles we've got" Scott's attorney Carlos Garcia said.

These DNA results are preliminary. The final report will go before the court at the next pretrial, at which time the defense will ask the judge to release the clients on bond. [Mark Godsey]

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