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Friday, November 7, 2008

California voters all over the map on propositions

Reporting from Sacramento -- It was a good day for chickens and children's hospitals, but not for alternative-fuel vehicles and Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens. A law-enforcement funding measure fell flat, but a proposition restricting parole was victorious.

Voters may have banned same-sex marriage, but they rejected a measure that would have required parents to be notified before a girl could obtain an abortion. And they turned down several big-ticket funding initiatives while backing the most expensive of them, a nearly $10-billion bond to build a bullet train.
iWith all but a few results in on Wednesday, the reliably quirky Golden State electorate proved that ballot-box lawmaking lives on here -- with a scattershot flair.

Was it the clutter of TV ads? The plethora of first-time voters? The phases of the moon?

"This is just one of those times you say, hey, voters are unpredictable," said Ken Khachigian, a Republican strategist. [Mark Godsey]
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