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Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Issue of Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law is Now Available

Spring 2008 issue of Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law is now available.

The main symposium says it all: "Toward a Just and Rational Body of Substantive Criminal Law: A Symposium in Honor of Sanford H. Kadish."  Sandy Kadish is probably the twentieth century's foremost and most influential American substantive criminal law scholar.  His casebook itself is a classic, which influenced countless thousands of future lawyers, judges, law professors (and subsequent casebooks). 

NYU professor and casebook co-author Stephen Schulhofer served as Guest Editor of the Kadish symposium.  Besides Professor Schulhofer's Introduction, the symposium includes articles by:

  • Larry Alexander & Kim Ferzan ("Culpable Acts of Risk Creation");
  • Andrew Ashworth ("Conceptions of Overcriminalization");
  • Joshua Dressler ("Reforming Complicity Law: Trivial Assistance as a Lesser Offense?");
  • Kim Ferzan ("Self-Defense and the State");
  • Claire Finkelstein & Leo Katz ("Contrived Defenses and Deterrent Threats: Two Facets of One Problem");
  • Stephen Morse ("Thoroughly Modern: Sir James Fitzjames Stephen on Criminal Responsibility"); and
  • Peter Westen ("Impossibility Attempts: A Speculative Thesis"). 

The issue has much more:

1.  The Justice Harry A. Blackmun Lecture by Professor David Sklansky: "Is the Exclusionary Rule Obsolete?" 

2. The Walter C. Reckless Memorial Lecture:  John Hagan & Wenona Raymond-Richmond, "The Disturbing Case of the British Advertising Standards Authority, the New York Times, and the State Department's Low Estimate of the Death Toll in Darfur."

3.  Three Commentaries: Stanley Goldman on "In Defense of the Damned"; Ethan Lieb's "A Comparison of Criminal Jury Decision Rules in Democratic Countries"; and Sandra Guerra Thompson, "Immigration Law and Long Term Residents: A Missing Chapter in American Criminal Law."

4.  A review by Bruce Smith of Andy Taslitz's book,  Reconstructing the Fourth Amendment: A History of Search and Seizure, 1789-1868 (NYU Press 2006).

5.  A one-time reprint of the inaugural articles from our new online "journal": OSJCL Amici: Views from the Field,.  The essays:

  • Judge Richard Kopf ("The Top Ten Things I Learned from Apprendi, Blakely, Booker, Rita, Kimbrough, and Gall");
  • Judge Gerard Lynch ("Letting Guidelines Be Guidelines (and Judges Be Judges)");
  • Judge Lynne Adelman & Jon Deitrich ("Gall, Kimbrough and Crack Retroactivity: Positive but Incomplete Steps in the Evolution of Federal Sentencing"); and
  • Judge Nancy Gertner ("Gall, Kimbrough, and Me").

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