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May 6, 2005

More Phony Criminal Charges

Three black men kidnapped a 17-year-old Oklahoma girl, taking her in a dark colored SUV to a warehouse, where she was gang-raped--whoops, no she wasn't, she made up the whole story as a prank!  The false report aspect of the runaway bride scenario is not unique; with 911 and the increased resources devoted to police and prisons, it seems inevitable that the unstable and the dishonest will seek attention, vengeance or excuse with the help of the free services offered by the government. In recent weeks there have been news reports of false kidnapping accusations in Wisconsin, false kidnapping/rape claims in Kansas and Pennsylvania, along with false rape claims in Florida, IdahoMichigan and South Dakota. There were false robbery charges in New York, a fabricated street assault in Virginia.  Presumably as misguided pranks, jackasses made phony 911 calls of school shootings or equivalent emergencies in Illinois and Texas.  Some false reports are evidently aimed at covering up the reporter's own crime, such as this phony car theft report in Arkansas, this man who took his own wife's jewelry and tried to make it look like a burglary, or this Illinois grandparent who falsely claimed to have been robbed at gunpoint--to cover up her own light fingers.   I can't decide whether my favorite false report is: A) This Florida man claimed to be the victim of a drive-by shooting when in fact he had shot himself in the foot!  Ironic, huh? He'll get a lot of laughs on the cellblock with that story; or B) this dude in Oregon falsely reported seeing a woman being attacked by a cougar--why not a T-Rex? Of course, it is difficult to get hard numbers on the percentage of reports that are false, but intuition suggests that most false reporters are smarter than this group of Einsteins, and thus more likely to be successful.  LSU CrimProf Stuart Green has a piece just out called Uncovering the Cover-Up Crimes on various types of cover-up crimes and how they should be treated by the criminal law. [Jack Chin]

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