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Monday, May 23, 2005

Chicago Invitation: CrimProf Bernard Harcourt's Project The Carceral Notebooks

Here's an announcement about a very interesting program and an invitation to hear more about it in person:

Carceral Notebooks, Volume 1, 2005

            The Carceral Notebooks, Volume 1, 2005 is now available in print and on-line.

            The Carceral Notebooks is a new publication intended to explore the liminal space where moral opprobrium meets government-sanctioned punishment. The Carceral Notebooks is a collection of essays that wrestle with the hard cases in the penal sphere.  In a preface and an introductory essay to Volume 1, Bernard E. Harcourt, professor of law at the University of Chicago, sketches the contours of the carceral zone and maps the different ways in which we imagine punishment for the types of conduct that are usually deemed morally offensive or inappropriate.  Volume 1 then presents nine essays written on various topics involving the criminal enforcement of morality­ from casino gambling to hard-core pornography, from S/M sexual practices to the exploitation of urban gangs.  The essays in Volume 1 challenge us to rethink the social distribution of pain and pleasure, and to reexamine the borderland of crime and punishment.      

            The Carceral Notebooks is part of a larger interdisciplinary project studying contemporary culture through the integration of law, art, social science, theory, and criticism.  The Carceral Notebooks will publish a series of Journals, Virtual Art Exhibits, and host Salons

        The first salon will take place on Wednesday, June 8, 2005, at 8:00 p.m. in Chicago.  There will be an art exhibit featuring the work of Sara Black, Virgil Marti, and Mia Ruyter.  There will also be a salon discussion lead by Elizabeth Emens of the University of Chicago focusing on the article by Shaudy Danaye-Elmi titled Pornography as Action, Pornography as Interaction from the Carceral Notebooks, Volume 1

        For more information email us at  If you would like to receive a review copy of the Carceral Notebooks, Volume 1, 2005, please e-mail your mailing information to Visit us on the web at:

A Salon:

Please join us for the launch of The Carceral Notebooks

Wednesday, June 8, 2005, 8:00 p.m.

1470 Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, Illinois

Artwork by Sara Black, Virgil Marti, and Mia Ruyter

Discussion with Elizabeth Emens
Shaudy Danaye-Elmi’s article
Pornography as Action, Pornography as Interaction
(available on-line)

The Carceral Notebooks, Volume 1, are available on-line at
[Jack Chin]

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