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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

New Evidence in JonBenet Ramsey Case Points to Unknown Intruder

JonbenetramseyTalkleft has an interesting post about new DNA evidence and other evidence in the JonBenet Ramsey case that points away from the parents as the culprits and toward an unknown intruder.  Go here for the post.  [Mark Godsey]

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just now that we all might have are theorys but the real killer is her father

Posted by: ashley | Feb 2, 2005 10:15:45 AM

I have commented for years about the possibility that the original lawyer, Mike Bynum, ought to be questioned and investigated just as everyone else in the Ramsey circle was. (He had a multi-level relationship with the Ramseys: lawyer, friend and business partner to John Ramsey.) A safe bet is that he was roundly ignored simply because he was the first attorney on the scene for the family, and made the rounds of news magazines, print and broadcast, as well as having hosted the Ramsey house tour in '97. It can't have hurt him either that he was an ex-prosecutor under Alex Hunter, and was a founding partner of the Chrisman Bynum and Johnson law firm. Interesting too that he was only clean-shaven from the time of the murder through to the house tour, but then resumed his usual beard and mustache the following year. After all, it would be a terrible thing to leave facial hair at the crime scene...wouldn't it? Isn't it time the Boulder authorities gave him a belated look?

Posted by: achris | Mar 18, 2005 8:29:29 AM

I have followed the JonBenet Ramsey case from the beginning. I have a daughter a few months younger than she was and a friend's daughter is one day younger than JonBenet Ramsey. Our daughter was in one beauty pageant and I shopped in the same children's catalog as Patsy. We also have the same dog as the Ramsey's had, a Bichon Frise. We now have a second dog of another breed.
I agree the police should look at everyone involved in the case. I had heard the intruder could have been an odd man that stalked little girls at JonBenet's dance school.

Posted by: Arlene B. Heed | Jul 13, 2005 6:01:59 AM

The JonBenet Ramsey case is one of the most notorious unsolved murder cases. Here we listen to a story about a beautiful young child with a "painted face", whose mother was "obsessed" as I call it with JonBenet. Yeah sure, she was a beauty queen and such back in her younger days. Many people have differnt theories about what really happened and try to put the pieces in order of what happened, but we don't do is actually think outside the box. I am a Criminal Justice major and I've been taught this case many times and I've even researched this case from top to bottom. I've even been taught about Perpetrators and how they attack. This just doesn't fit the image of an intruder coming in and kidnapping and "accidently" killing a little girl. Look at the evidence. For one the handwritten ransom note. Now it just so happened that the police had looked at Patsy's handwritten items and just after the homicide of JonBenet, her handwritting changed? The lowercase a's are cursive, the indentions, the spelling, hell the grammer. Now, Patsy was very content with her writing. Obviously it had to be perfect and the ransom note that was HANDWRITTEN, her writting sample was the only one that altered from her past written items. Other piece of evidence, most perps don't leave a 3 page ransom note let alone use the victims paper and pen. They keep it brief to lead the police on and of course they don't write it in their own writing. They come prepared. They bring their own ransom note and use their own writing utensils. How about where it was left? It just happened that the note was left on the same exact staircase that Patsy used everyday to go down the steps, and she is the only one that came across it? Another, usually notes are not used. Most perps now days, use the phone or by mail...but to leave it at the bottom of the steps? Why not the counter top, or underneath or bedroom door? I mean as everyone seems to believe, the "intruder" came upstairs and took JonBenet downstairs and attack her. Or how bout the fact that Patsy read the note, and in the note it stated not to call anyone, but Miss Patsy did anyways, the POLICE on top of it all and plus her close family friends. And the money issue. It just so happened that the money indicated in the note fit similar to the money John had received back in Feb of 1996. What about the brother? No body bothered to investigate him more, now did they? No, instead they said "Oh well he's to young, so he couldn't of possibly killed JonBenet." Although, they did take samples from him...but it didn't match. Oh come on. The brother couldn't of been more jealous of JonBenet than any other person. His little 10 year old birthday was coming up and he just felt so left out because JonBenet was getting all the attention and he wasn't. I'll tell ya what I think. The little brother, Burke, had go down in the basement after she finished her Pineapple snack her mother had given her. Well, Patsy must of went upstairs and Burke called JonBenet down to the basement. He told her if she screamed, he would hurt her. So, he was just so tired of it all and so jealous, he hit her in the head, choked her with that cord and realized that she wasn't breathing and got mommy. Mommy came in, saw what happened, told Burke to go upstairs, and she finished it up. She covered it up because she didn't want her son to go to jail for this horrific crime. So she made it look like a kidnapping. The window that all the ignorant police say was broken into, so thats why there was an intruder...NOPE! John, a few months before JonBenets murder, lost or forgotten his keys. So he broke that window to get in. And as it turned out, Mr. John wasn't your typical handyman. He didn't bother to fix the window, so latched it back. Well, so what they did, is make it look like the window had once been broken into to make it look like the possible entrance for an intruder. Guys, there was no intruder...well in my opinion. That horrific crime was done in the house by someone of that household. If it wasn't the brother, it was Patsy or John. That ransom note was written by someone in that house and placed there on those steps by someone in that house. The bad thing about this, if the Ramseys did do this or covered this up, they have to live with it the rest of their lives. They will never come forward. They will never spill their guts. Because you wanna know why...they were afraid of getting arrested. They were afraid of rotting in a jail. Why do you think they are in Atlanta? They know they should of been issued an indictment. Well this is all my opinion of the Ramseys. If friends and other family members know, they will never come forward. Thats what is really sad. JonBenet will never get justice until that ignorant Police Dept. gets off their ass and see what is really there. I rest my case.

Posted by: Krystal C | Mar 3, 2006 3:38:03 PM

Never for one serious moment did I suspect that the family of Jon-Benet had anything to do with her horrible end. I do agree that investigations must be meticulous and of course in this case and all others include the immediate family and friends and neighbors. However I shout from the rooftops and say SHAME ON YOU so called "protectors of society" in Boulder, and shame on you "the press" for the unmeasurable pain you heaped on the backs of this unfortunate family by manipulating the the public with your "paper selling version" of what kind of people the Ramseys were. Can you for a moment imagine the utter horror of losing your precious child, let alone all the circumstances that led to her death, and then to be victimized even further by being accused of your own childs murder! Would somebody please just try to imagine how this would feel. I for one credit the the police, and the press with destroying the lives of these people. Poor Patsy having to endure all of this and fighting for her own life at the same time! Shame on you...all those who persecuted these unfortunate people.
carole a. ouimet

Posted by: carole ouimet | Aug 17, 2006 7:02:35 AM

I want to comment on Krystal C posting. I have to say i am impressed. You put this stuff together well....I am just like yourself following this case since 1996. I read it when i was a lot younger and now I was just touching up. You are totally right Burke was in a way untouched. They said his DNA didnt match, mentioned some other excuse but all that was pretty much dropped extremely quick without any evidence doublechecks, which are necessary in such case where actual evidence ( girl body) was moved hundret times causing any leaks,, theories, important forensics to be destoyed. I believe something horrible happened within the family, where whole family was aware of and like you said yourself tried to cover it up by sticking to the story and confusions in their decidions on whether they want to testify or not, whether they want to take poligraph or not, whether they want to be questioned or not. Whatever the case is they did it smart, and it worked, and it is still working now that this unsolved mistery going on 11th year or nothing but theories. Did you hear anything about not 9-10 y old but 20 y o half brother being involved?

Posted by: Ilana Cardinalli | Dec 9, 2006 10:29:29 AM

I, too, want to comment on Krystal c.'s posting...I have to say I am NOT impressed. In fact, I am saddened that there are still those out there that choose to make this family suffer. The facts support this family's innocence. The mother in me respects and understands why and how the Ramseys fought for their family with every resource available to them. I would do the exact same thing. The Ramsey's actions are a testiment to their love for their children. The legal malpractice of the past and the mental malpractice that still goes on today must be horrific for them. Only recently have I looked at the circumstances surrounding this family, and common sense tells us that every member of this family has been a victim since JonBenet's death. I cannot imagine the strength it took to work through their loss while the world judged them, while the media hurled hatred at them every single day. For my own personal reasons, and for what it is worth, I hold this dear family close in my thoughts and prayers. Suppose "we" step back and finally give this family what it needed/deserved all along and that is to lift the thought off them and to leave them alone. John and Burke, more than anything, I wish you peace.

Posted by: Nancy Panek | Jul 8, 2007 8:04:09 PM

This is in response to the Nancy Panek post.....How can you say the members of the Ramsey family are victims??? Jonbenet is the one and only true victim. I have a better word for the Ramsey Family SUSPECTS! I 100% agree with Krystal. Patsy is guilty. I beleive this is not an open and shut case. This is one of those cases where you have to over look the obvious. All of you who have posted who claim to have known the family and proclaim that they had nothing to do with the murder. You are fooling yourself just like Patsy is fooling herself in thinking that she has gotten away with this terrible crime. God will be sure that she and whoever else did this will ROT IN HELL! If Patsy didn't actually do this herself than she is covering for the real murderer!!! I won't pray for that family. I will pray for Jonbenet Tamsey and JUSTICE!!!

Posted by: Michelle Jackson | May 28, 2008 12:18:46 PM

I cant believe after they have found strange DNA not only under her nails and mixed in her blood but also on her outer clothing-yet people (such as the blog above)still think they did it!
I believe the intruder entered the house while they were out doing the christmas baskets and party-he had plenty of time to check out the lay out of the home and find a hiding place and ample time to scrawl out a note. Now the note is crazy-its all over the place and makes no sense-but I believe the intruder was on cocaine or meth-that accounts for the lenght and the stupidity of the text. Drug addicts talk and write nonstop-their views are askew too. he hid upstairs under the bed in the guest room-the family got in and were tired and went to bed immediately just as they said-then he got out and when he went to take her out of the house -something went wrong-maybe he couldnt lift her through the grate-or maybe he panicked-but he deecided to do his deed with her there and ended her life. I think the investigators need to focus on men between 18-30. who used drugs either regularly or recreationally-would have either sobered up after this or really gotten worse-but it would have affected their long term behavior. I think its possible he is in the pile of un-entered DNA already waiting for codis.

Posted by: trudy | Jul 27, 2008 11:22:28 AM

Time's gone by and, with the latest evidence, it's now unlikely that Crystal is going to nail the Ramsey's. It's even more unlikely that she still still suspects them.
Most medical professionals never suspected the Ramsey's. Besides not fitting the usual scenario, there has never been any physical proof that they were involved..

We're all different. Terrorized, I've been known to lose my voice and ramble. On meds, my affect would also be off and decisions wouldn't be optimal. Because their reactions and responses were considered unusual, the Ramsey's were accused of murdering their beloved child and sister. Odder yet for the media, all this finger-pointing when there are 50-100 likely suspects in the Boulder area alone, many who were never even interviewed.

Lou Smit is a top notch detective in the Colorado Springs area. As soon as he determined the innocence of the Ramsey's, most rational people understood the facts. Unfortunately, a few stubborn people will still find it hard to admit that they're wrong. Maybe a DNA primer is needed,
1) Patsy's prints would be on the bowl if she removed the bowl from the dishwasher. Someone lifting the bowl with the tip of a glove wouldn't leave prints.
2) The foreign DNA material found on the blood stain and waist band of JonBenet's underewear prove someone else was involved.
3) It's possible Patsy discovered the body earlier and tried to protect someone (her father has even been suspected). And it's possible and if so rather ironic that Patsy misunderstood what happened, not realizing an intruder was at fault.

Posted by: jaded | Aug 5, 2008 11:42:52 PM

Hello, Trudy. I recognized you.
I'm sure you know me.

Folks, JonBenet was being molested weeks before her murder. Find who did it, and you've very likely got your killer. This DNA is just a red herring.

Posted by: Dave | Aug 6, 2008 8:03:33 PM

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