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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

China Southern Airlines Honors Tickets Sold for 10 Yuan ($1.37)!

Thanks to Wayne Barnes (below, demonstrating how one faces down an airline), we have another in our series of stories of people beating up on the airlines.  The others in this series include a couple that got a refund after being seated next to a gaseous, slobbering dog, a mother forced to sell her child into slavery when the airline would not allow the child to have a seat of her own (perhaps I exaggerate a bit), and a refund for a failed trip to Easter Island.

Barnes_waynes1This time it was a simple website glitch.  For two hours, as reported on CNN, through a story provided by Reuters, China Southern advertised trips for 10, 20 or 30 yuan when they should have cost 400-500 yuan.  Passengers still had to pay airport fees, but the airlines otherwise swallowed the loss.  Perhaps this AI thing isn't all bad.

The story was reported by Sophie Yu and Casey Hall, with editing by Bernadette Baum.

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