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Thursday, October 12, 2023

Will Katie Perry Be Known for Music or the PERRY Act?

Today's post was another gift from Miriam Cherry, that Holmesian gatherer of rare gem-like contracts stories.  She is as indefatigable as Sherlock and as legally savvy as Oliver Wendell. 

Katy Perry, as far as I can recall, is famous for having been creative enough to coin a singular for "fireworks" but not creative enough to find a word that actually rhymed with "firework."  "Worth"?  Nope.  "Burst"?  Nope.  Here's one that might be coming to your minds now:  "Jerk."  She is also known for her "left shark" dancer below.  

But she also is very into real estate.  We reported before about her attempt to buy a convent. She won that case, and only one nun died in the process (that we know about).

More recently, according to TheRealDeal, she and her husband, Orlando Bloom, attempted to purchase the Montecito estate of Carl Westcott, of 1-800-FLOWERS fame.  The sale price was $15 million, but Mr. Westcott, who is now 84 years old and suffers from Huntington's Disease, claims that he was not of sound mind when he agreed to the sale, not necessarily because of age or disease, but because he had just undergone a six-hour back surgery, and he was on pain medication.  Three years later, the parties are still embroiled in litigation.  

In order to avoid such problems in the future, some have proposed the Protecting Elder Realty for Retirement Years Act, or Katy PERRY Act.  According to its website, 

The Katy PERRY Act addresses the risks of elder financial abuse, especially as it relates to property and real estate sales and transfers. The Act establishes a 72 hour cool-down period during which either party involved in a contract for conveyance of a personal residence, in which one party is over the age of 75, can rescind the agreement without penalty.

If that Act had existed a few years ago, it might have prevented a firework.

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