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Monday, October 2, 2023

Good Boi Expels Gas (and Fancy People) from First Class

BulldogsThanks to Miriam Cherry for sharing with us this case that straddles contracts law and the law of noisome nuisances.  Although this story appears in People Magazine, the main character  is a gassy, slobbering bulldog.  

Kimberlee Speakman reports that a couple had purchased premium seats on Singapore Airlines.  After dinner, a bulldog mix seated in their row began breathing loudly and farting. The husband was wearing shorts and discovered that the dog was sharing its "saliva goo" with his leg.  

The couple did the only reasonable thing.  Change into long pants and enjoy the company of a darling creature not too uppity to indulge his earthy nature while seated among the plutocracy? 

No.  They switched to coach seats and then whinged until the airline refunded them the difference between the cost of their premium seats and the cost of the coach seats.  They did this because they are principled.  They were not after the money, which they are donating to an organization that matches up vision-impaired humans with non-gassy, non-drooling support animals.  The point is about airline accountability, according to the woman exposed to dog farts.  According to People's reporting, she noted, "I expect to see a baby. I expect young children. But I don't expect a dog."

She's quite right.  Airlines should also notify passengers if they are going to be seated next to a vegan.  Research shows that people who restrict themselves to plant-based diets fart seven times more per day than people who eat a more traditional western diet of hot dogs, pork rinds, three Red Bulls, and a Bud Light.

A spokesdog for the breed (above left) stresses that the dog in question very much regrets the inconvenience to the passengers and the airlines.  He has pledged in the future to be a very good boi.

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