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Thursday, April 13, 2023

Blog Editor Emeritus Frank Snyder and the Commemoration of Priday's Mill

in 1850, a mill was established for the Hadley brothers.  Three years later, their crankshaft broke, and they sent the broken shaft off to serve as a model for a replacement.  So contracts history was made.  One hundred and fifty years later, the International Conference on Contracts was born and that first iteration of the conference included a visit to the site of the Hadley brothers' mill, known as the City Flour Mills but also as Priday's Mill.  

The site was being converted into a block of flats, but inspired by the conference, the city of Gloucester erected a commemorative plaque:

Screenshot 2023-04-11 at 6.50.11 PM

Frank Snyder, this blog's founding editor, was also part of the crew that organized that first conference, and he was invited back to Gloucester for the unveiling of the plaque.  Next year, KCON XVII will return to England for the first time since that inaugural conference, and Frank will no doubt continue his central organizational role.

What great unveilings await us as KCON enters its third decade of existence?

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