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Friday, September 16, 2022

Weekend Frivolity: Steve Buscemi as Williston's "Tramp"

Yesterday in Contracts I was talking through the Williston's "tramp" hypothetical.  One of my students recommended the movie, "Big Daddy" as illustrative.  It does indeed present an interesting twist on the old hypo.  For some reason, the star of this movie, Steve Buscemi, does not appear until 1:45 of this clip, so best to fast-forward to there.

Potential exam questions (one for each semester of contracts):

1.  Contracts I: Did sweet, charming Steve Buscemi give consideration to the obnoxious man by ending the conversation?

2.  Contracts II: Assuming that delightful Steve Buscemi formed an agreement with the obnoxious man, was the obnoxious man's contractual obligation excused because McDonald's stops serving breakfast at 10:30 instead of 11:

a. If McDonald's changed its hours after the parties reached agreement?

b. If the mind-blowing change in McDonald's breakfast hours was a fact in existence at the time of the agreement of which neither party was aware?

H/t: OCU 1L Silas Grams

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