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Friday, May 13, 2022

Lindenwood University Pays $1.65 Million to Settle COVID-based Claims

COVIDIt's been a few months since we had anything new to report on the cases brought by students claiming that their universities breached a contract or were unjustly enriched when they went online in Spring 2020.  

This week, the St. Louis Post Dispatch reports that a federal district court has approved a $1.65 million  settlement between Lindenwood University and a class of students who claim that they received a "subpar" online education when the campus closed due to COVID.  The Post Dispatch reports that each student will receive $185, and the attorneys will receive $55o,000.  The suit originally sought $5 million.  A court dismissed a similar suit brought against Washington University.  

H/T John Wladis and the Mother Ship.

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