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Friday, October 15, 2021

Weekend Frivolity: Steve Vladeck Meme Caption Contest

Since the very idea for weekend frivolity came from Steve Vladeck and Bobby Chesney's wonderful National Security Law podcast, it seems highly appropriate to celebrate Steve's memification in this forum.  Please enter your proposed captions to the Steve Vladeck meme in the comments.  Thoughtful people be warned: the comments page refreshes frequently and will delete your comments.  Draft in Word and then cut and paste before posting!

If we get enough entries (i.e., more than one), we can do a Twitter poll and the winner will get bragging rights.

Here's the meme:

Vladeck Meme

May the best caption win!

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So far no takers: Here are some offerings to get the ball rolling:

Option 1: Professor Vladeck, can you give us a reason why the Statute of Frauds and Parol Evidence Rule still exist?

Option 2: Look, choose § 2-207(2) or § 2-207(3). It's not gonna be both!

Option 3: Thoughts on why there are no contracts claims on the shadow docket?

Posted by: Jeremy Telman | Oct 15, 2021 3:49:47 PM

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