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Friday, October 22, 2021

Weekend Frivolity: More Conceptual Art!

I have posted cranky things about conceptual art in this space before here and hereSid DeLong also commented less crankily on the "Take the Money and Run" piece that you thought was clever a few weeks ago but have already completely forgotten about.

But Banksy's conceptual art has legs.  So it is with his Girl with Balloon, which he sold at auction in 2018 for $1.4 million.  The work was run through a shredder concealed in the frame as soon as the gavel fell.  The assembled art lovers dropped their monocles in astonishment.  Some of the ladies present had to be revived with smelling salts and cut out of their whalebone corsets. 

I kid, but I think I am doing so in the spirit of Banksy, whose performance art has been joyously embraced as a "stunt" by the very people whose avidity for disposable art Banksy's piece ridicules.  Note in the video below how transfixed the auctioneer is to be there as a great work of art is created.  Just kidding.  He wants to sell another painting, and he might as was well be saying "Nothing to see here folks!"  The purchaser did not seek rescission but wisely sent the retitled Love Is in the Bin on a world tour.  The shredder "malfunctioned," leaving the work half shredded and roughly 18 times more valuable.  It just sold for $25 million.  

H/T John Wladis

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