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Friday, March 26, 2021

Weekend Frivolity: My Bad Bunny Mask and a Student-Composed Limerick

I am increasingly aware of how dated my attempts at pop-cultural references are.  When I started teaching law in 2004, I could assume that Simpsons references and Seinfeld references would be met with some smiles of recognition.  That seems to be less the case now.  I don't even know who the famous pop stars or movie stars are these days.  My students seem to watch a lot of reality television shows, and I am not familiar with any of them.  They, for some reason, do not share my enthusiasm for Star Trek or Breaking Bad.  We had a moment of shared ground this week having to do with shrimp tails in breakfast cereal, but how long will that last?

Desperate, I asked my students the other day what musicians they liked.  Alexis Benitez recommended Bad Bunny.  He shared a video, and thus I was not completely ignorant of the young artist when he won a Grammy soon thereafter.  Now that I am an unofficial member of the Bad Bunny fan club, Alexis and another 1L Haidee Macedo gifted me a Bad Bunny mask, along with a Limerick commemorating my introduction to Bad Bunnydom.  Here they are:

Bad Bunny

The gift is especially sweet because Alexis and Haidee are in different sections, and in our COVID world, our seven (count 'em!) sections of 1Ls rarely get to interact with one another, and almost never get to meet each other in the flesh.  How charming then that a mask of all things should bring together these two 1Ls during this pandemic.  

It feels like we are nearing the end of this experience.  But until we get there, you can expect to see me in my brand new Bad Bunny mask!

Bad Bunny, can you take us out?

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Awesome! 👏🏻

Posted by: Cameron Torres | Mar 26, 2021 11:57:59 AM

This is so cool! What a sweet gift!

Posted by: Ta’Chelle Jones | Mar 26, 2021 12:31:26 PM

Got to love it 😂

Posted by: Alexander Miller | Mar 26, 2021 12:57:18 PM

What an honor! 🐰

Posted by: Alexis Benítez | Mar 26, 2021 1:07:47 PM

A big like! :)

Posted by: SIB | Mar 26, 2021 8:52:41 PM

I had a similar eye-opener about a decade ago, when I recommended to my Contracts class that they view some Gilbert and Sullivan, especially Pirates of Pensance, pointing out that Gilbert was a trained barrister, and that much of the basic law of Contracts was first developed at the time Gilbert and Sullivan worked. My students floored me when they asked, "Who are Gilbert and Sullivan?" .

Posted by: paul shupack | Apr 4, 2021 11:42:17 AM