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Monday, January 25, 2021

Introducing our Guest Blogger, Farshad Ghodoosi

This week we are happy to present a three-part blog post from Farshad Ghodoosi.  Farshad's scholarship provides a useful supplement to materials we presented in last year's online symposium on contracts and Covid.  Those papers can be found here.

GhodoosiFarshad Ghodoosi is an assistant professor of business law at David Nazarian College of Business and Economics at California State University, Northridge. Farshad received his doctoral degree (J.S.D.) from Yale Law School.  He also received master of laws from Yale Law School and University of California, Berkeley School of Law (Berkeley Law). He is a recipient of the business law certificate from Berkeley Law. Farshad also received his PhD in International Relations from Florida International University in Miami, Florida. He obtained a bachelor of laws (LL.B) and B.A. in English Language and Literature from University of Tehran. Previously, he was an assistant professor of law and management at Earl G. Graves School of Business and Management at Morgan State University and served as a faculty fellow at Morgan’s Fintech center. Farshad has practiced as an attorney in global litigation and arbitration practices of leading elite law firms on complex and high-stake business, investment, and contractual disputes. He also acted as a consultant in a leading technology consulting firm. He also serves as an expert on issues related to contract law, international law and comparative law.

Farshad’s research agenda concerns multiple areas including contracts, business law, conflict management, and transnational law. In his research, Farshad uses mixed methods including empirical, experimental, and computational analysis of legal texts. His work has appeared or is forthcoming at leading outlets including Washington Law Review, Oregon Law Review, Nebraska Law Review, Lewis & Clark Law Review, Yale Journal of International Law, Harvard Journal of International Law Online, and Foreign Affairs. He also authored the book International Dispute Resolution and the Public Policy Exception with Routledge (2016, reprinted 2018). Farshad’s scholarship can be found at his SSRN. Farshad is also a recipient of several competitive research grants including from the Knight Foundation on legal implications of internet contract designs on consumer behavior, CIBER (Center for International Business Education) on transnational contracts and economic hardship, and Ripple’s Fintech grant on smart contracts and blockchain transactions.

This week, he will share with us a summary of his recent scholarship on Contractual Allocation of Risk in Times of Crisis.

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Welcome to CSUN Farshood and thank you for sharing your timely scholarship with us. Force majeure, impracticability, frustration of purpose will be litigated (and a central point of negotiation in many contracts) more in the next 36 months than ever in history. Of course, the variables of jurisdictional statutory expression and judicial interpretation of force majeure will be important and, in shaping judicial interpretation and analysis in particular cases in various jurisdictions, the express terms of the particular lease, supply agreement, or other contract, together with the particular language of the applicable public health orders (from the city, county, and/or state level) will be equally important.

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