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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Despite It All, Much for Which We Can Give Thanks!

This year, I am more thankful than ever to be a law professor.  After sixteen years of teaching, I was facing long-term career uncertainty, having to choose between the un-alluring prospects  of returning to practice or trying to eke out a living through a string of visiting appointments.  Appropriately enough, I got my job offer on February 29th, a date that only comes around every four years.


So, this year I give thanks to my colleagues at OCU, who hired me and welcomed me to their community.  Thanks to the amazing administration and staff that made it possible for me to teach face-to-face this semester in a classroom setting that was as close to ideal as circumstances and technology could get us.  Above all, thanks to my students, with whom I was able to explore the joys on contracts law despite the most challenging first year of law school imaginable.  Thank you for showing up, through the pandemic, an ice-storm, noisy elevator renovations, and election madness, and thank you for being smart and taking precautions so that very few of us got sick.  I look forward to another semester with all of you.

Thanks to my co-bloggers, Nancy Kim, Sidney DeLong, and Mark Edwin Burge, to our wonderful guest bloggers, and to our readers, especially to those of you who comment or correspond.  We appreciate hearing from you and learning from your experience and expertise. 

And now it is on to a pescatarian Thanksgiving!

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