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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Two Sources for Lucy v. Zehmer

Zehmer's RetaurantOtto Stockmeyer posted a comment with a link to his post on Lucy v. Zehmer.  We give it a bit more prominence by re-posting it here.

For another take on the case, we recommend this episode of the Promises, Promises podcast.  I said I would recommend this podcast to my students, and now I can really do so.  The hosts, Tess Wilkinson-Ryan and Dave Hoffman, do a great job replicating what I hope law students will learn how to do.  Hoffman takes Zehmer's side, while Wilkinson-Ryan takes Lucy's, and they go after each other hammer and tong for a full half hour.  They tease and cajole; they make strong arguments and weak ones.  They dispute facts and characterizations of facts, and they concede when there are facts that are not great for their side of the argument.  In the end, they drop the facade and try to extract the rule from the case.  It's an entertaining and enlightening role play.

Rope a DopeWill Dave Hoffman persuade us that Lucy entrapped Zehmer with a pint of whiskey, a silver tongue, and a witness, or will he succumb to Tess Wilkinson-Ryan's rope-a-dope strategy?  Did Zehmer seriously intend to sell his farm or was he all-in on a "long con" that was really just a joke that no sober person finds funny?  Tune in to find out.

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Too late for me now, but could you republish the pictures of the restaurant/bar? Google images has just the bar in the distance, plus the sign above. But I think there were some more pertinent pictures that you once put up. Thanks, Jeremy!

Posted by: Bruce Frier | Sep 1, 2020 6:30:00 AM

I do declare, I am stumped. Our Editor Emeritus, Frank Snyder, created a link on the AALS Section page in 2006, but that link is no longer live, and it may take divine intervention (or our closest approximation, Carol Chomsky) to retrieve it. If you follow the link to Otto Stockmeyer's post, he has a nice picture of the exterior that I have not seen elsewhere (or if I saw it in 2006, I've forgotten).

Posted by: Jeremy Telman | Sep 1, 2020 11:23:20 AM