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Friday, August 21, 2020

An Old Case Is Now a New Must-Teach Case

Yesterday, having recommended the Promises, Promises podcast, I listened to my first episode.  I thought it was the first episode, because it is the earliest one on the podcast's homepage, but it didn't feel like a first episode, so maybe there are more episodes that I haven't found yet.  The hosts clearly had already hit their stride.  Dave Hoffman has now clarified to me that there is no "first episode." The podcast mimics asynchronous teaching: contracts profs can plug the episodes into their syllabi wherever they like.

The episode discusses Hanford v. Connecticut Fair Association, which is a case about traveling baby beauty pageants.  A dispute arose over whether an outbreak of polio in 1916 provided legal grounds for the entity that was to host the pageant to cancel the event.  I know, I had you at traveling baby beauty pageant.  If they still existed in 2001, I definitely would have entered my daughter.  Then we could pay for her college tuition with her winnings! 

Given the times, this sleeper of a case is now a must-teach case.

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