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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Grumpy Cat Lawsuit

Admittedly, this case does not present any difficult legal issues, but is worth the while anyway simply for the images involved. _99735192_gettyimages-459467912

A cat made famous online because of its sour-looking face caught the attention of the company Grenade Beverage, which, among other things, makes iced coffee drinks. the company obtained the rights to use the cat’s image (viewable here or on Twitter= on its packaging only, but also started using the image on t-shirts, coffee, etc.

The cat owners brought suit, claiming copyright and trademark infringement as well as beach of contract. A California federal jury agreed with the owners and awarded $710,000 in damages as well as $1 in nominal damages for breach of contract.

The cat reportedly earned millions of dollars in endorsement and advertising deals.

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