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Friday, February 24, 2017

KCON Lifetime Achievement Honoree for 2017: Deborah Post

Tonight's Casablanca Nights Moroccan dinner will be highlighted by the presentation of the KCON Lifetime Achievement Award to Deborah Post, but first is a panel tribute and presentation. Meredith Miller read Professor Post's moving personal narrative on Williams v. Walker-Thomas Furniture Co. Professor Post's coauthors Deborah Zalesne and Nancy Ota presented a humorous tribute and partial roast in an appropriately ContractProf form: The Restatement of Deborah Post, complete with chapters, sections, and defined terms.

KCON12-Deborah Post 2

Seated in red at left: Deborah Post. At the front panel from left: Meredith Miller (standing), Deborah Zalesne, and Nancy Ota

KCON12-Deborah Post 1

Through the years.

KCON12-Deborah Post Restatement

Sample from "The Restatement of Deborah Post."


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