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Friday, November 21, 2014

Farewell Meredith!

MeredithMeredith Miller started blogging here before I did.  She holds the record for the contributing editor with the longest tenrue on the blog.  

Her lively, quirky posts were one of the things that attracted me to this site and made it worthwhile to keep coming back.  She has been a steady companion, sounding board and dedicated contributor to our blog, and we will miss her contributions.

But life moves on, and we can only thank Meredith and wish her well in her new endeavors.  In her farewell e-mail to the rest of us, Meredith referenced her blogger's guilt.  Blogs are like sharks; they either move or die.  There have been many weeks when I despaired of finding the time and the content to keep this blog lively when Meredith would post a story that I knew would attract interest and buy the rest of us some time away from the blog.  After nearly ten years of providing us stories and laughts, he has certainly earned her release from blogger's guilt. 

I am hoping to compile a top ten list next week of my favorite Meredith posts.  Please feel free to nominate your favorites in the comments.

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