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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Consideration, Baby, Baby, Baby!

220px-Justin_Bieber_NRJ_Music_Awards_2012With more people acting like citizen journalists these days, celebrities often are exposed for engaging in various activities they'd rather their fans not know about (insert shameless plug for my privacy-related article, The Mythical Right to Obscurity, here).  For example, pictures of Justin Bieber recently surfaced that allegedly show him holding a "blunt," a.k.a. marijuana rolled like a cigarette. How is this related to contracts?  Well, in order to avoid future publication of pictures like the blunt pics, Justin Bieber reportedly is posting signs wherever he socializes which state that any pictures taken of him during the socializing belong to Justin Bieber only.  In other words, if you are hanging out with Justin Bieber, Baby, you are promising not to distribute (take?) any pictures without his express permission.  The questions for our blog are:

(i) Is there a contract? Is my staying in the room, thereby giving him Somebody to Love, acceptance of Justin's proposed terms (like my keeping of the computer in Gateway)?  

(ii) Is there consideration?  Is Justin's staying in the room valid consideration to support my promise not to share pictures of him? Or is everything ok As Long as [He] Love[s] Me?, and

(iii) Has my use of song-related puns in this and other posts grown tiresome?  

In a related post, our own Nancy Kim discussed Chris Brown's practice of requiring fellow partiers to sign a confidentiality agreement.

[Heidi R. Anderson]

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