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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Paris Hilton Sued for Breach of Contract

Hilton_mug_shotI know.  It is hardly news that Paris Hilton (PH) is being sued for breach on contract.  I mean, haven't we already run the same headline here, here, and here.  But this is a new case, and the more pictures we have of PH on the blog, the more visitors we get, so for those of you who are looking for real news about contracts law, you'll have to skip on to one of our non-fluffy posts.  And for those of you genuinely interested in PH, shame on you!

In this case, according to the Courthouse New Service, Le Bonitas of Bologna claims that it paid PH a nearly 100,000 Euro advance in return for the right to use PH's name and image on its clothing.  Under the terms of the agreement, Le Bonitas was to submit each article of clothing to PH Enterprises for approval within 10 days.  No response after 10 days was to be construed as disapproval.  But PH was allegedly too busy to respond to Le Bonitas's requests in a timely manner.  Perhaps they should have followed Dwight Schrute's example and treated silence as acceptance. Perhaps PH would have been too busy to follow up and sue if Le Bonitas had breached the terms of the licensing agreement.

The company is seeking $200,000 in damages for breach of contract.  


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