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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Contracts Limerick of the Week: Langdellian Limericks

Many who attended the Spring Contracts Conference at UNLV saw a presentation of the "Langdellian Limericks," in which the author explains to his dubious readers the educational purposes to which legal Limericks can be deployed.  A few asked, if only to be polite, if the complete collection of contracts Limericks was available in one convenient place.  The answer at the time was "no."  But I have now revised the draft to include an appendix with my complete contracts oeuvre.  The paper can be downloaded from SSRN here.  Here is the abstract: 

Christopher Columbus Langdell
Used cases to teach the law well.
So everyone thought, 
Except for distraught 
Langdell Students in Socratic hell. 

Theirs is no lone cri de coeur.
Now bashing Langdell’s de rigueur
Knowing case law alone, 
A young lawyer is prone 
To resemble a high-priced poseur. 

After a Part that rehearses 
Anti-Langdellian curses; 
The Author proceeds 
To attend to the needs 
Of students who learn best through verses.

[Jeremy Telman]

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